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Ultra Sound 3/4D

Ultrasound - A non-invasive diagnostic technique which provides pictures of organs and structures inside the body. It works like the sonar used by submarines, bouncing sound waves off an object and using a computer to interpret the sound returned.

Ultra Sound

The interpretation of an ultrasound is very dependent upon body structure, the amount of body fat, and the skill of the operator. The test is used to monitor a baby's growth and development during pregnancy and to identify any physical abnormalities.

Ultrasound 4D - Latest technology in ultrasound to monitor inrauterine pregnancy and the development of the baby and the total growth anatomy to exclude any congenital abnormality.

Pregnancy Ultrasound:

  1. Ultrasound Early Pregnancy (Vaginal) 5-12 weeks
  2. Ultrasound mid Pregnancy (Abdominal)
    • 11-13 weeks Down Syndrome NT (Nuchal Translucency)
    • 2D Scan and Foetal heart trace
    • 2D Scan and Doppler
    • 2D Scan and Doppler and Foetal heart trace
    • 3D scan
    • 4D Scan
  3. Gross Anatomy Scan  20-22 weeks
  4. Full Anatomical detailed scan to exclude major Foetal malformation
    Sex of the baby
    • 2D Scan
    • 3D Scan
    • 4D Scan
  5. 28 weeks Scan
    • 2D Scan
    • 3D Scan
    • 4D Scan

3D Ultrasound Images

Urtrasound Urtrasound Urtrasound Urtrasound
Urtrasound Urtrasound Urtrasound


4D Ultrasound Videos




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