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Success Stories

Jane (42 years old, married, 4 children - aged 21, 19, 9, 5) consulted the clinic on the 28th of November with the history of lower abdominal pain and irregular vaginal bleeding with short intervals.


The full history was taken in details including personal, medical, family history, social, sexual , obstetric history as well as gynaecological and menstrual history. Examinations and ultrasound have revealed the following: very anxious and distressed woman clearly in pain, pale and anaemic, heart and lung were normal. Abdominal examination has revealed - enlarged (to the size of 4-5 months of pregnant uterus). Abdominal scan has revealed large Pelvi abdominal mass occupying most of the pelvis and up to the umbilicus. There was no pregnancy.

Given the mass along with the symptoms of abdominal pain and bleeding it was decided to carry out an urgent laparatomy on the 2nd of December . all the necessary pre-operative measures – such as full blood tests...etc were carried out.

At the time of the operation we have noted that the mass was rising from the uterine body.The abdominal wall was opened through bikini incision in layers. The uterus was opened and the tumour was removed with maximum haemostasis and it was clear that the tumour ver vascular, with haemorrhagic degeneration. The weight was 4300gr - extremely haemrrhagic and very soft - what means there was degenrative changes causing severe pain. The abdominal wall was closed in layers, redevac drain left in situe for 24 hours and skin closed with subcuticular absorbable 3/0 suture on straight needle and , also size 14 foley's catheter left in situe for 24 hours.

The patient was visited on 3rd of December - the recovery was remarkable and the patient was discharged on Sunday, the 4th of December having had a full post-op recovery. The operation was carried out in one of the leading hospitals in the UK with the highest standard of nursing care and the latest equipment facility.–the Wellington Hospital, London which has been Mr Ismail Hospital of choice and has been using it for almost twenty five years..

The operation was carried out by the Consultant gynaecological surgeon Mr Ahmed Ismail, and his team, his leading anaesthetist one of the most senior anaesthetists in centeral london hospital and the chairman of anaesthetic department at the Wellington..

Summary and conclusion. What we can learn from the story and key points to the success of the operation:

1 - Immediate response to a critical medical condition
2 - Highest level of investigatory procedures
3 - Patients care in the highest medical establishment
4 - Operation carried out with maximum expertise and professionalism, with the assistance of highly capable team.
5 - Post-operative care was at the best level - delivering highest standard of nursing care
6 -Support of the family has significantly contributed to the recovery of the patient! A compliment has to be paid to Ms Jane's husband and her son.



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