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Dr Ahmed Ismail BBC Interview 24th December 2015

21september 24 December 2015
Fertility in Cancer Patient
Testicular Biopsy Freezing To preserve Fertility
Testicular Biopsy stored for future use to save Fertility
Patient undergoing Cancer treatment by Radiation and or Chemotherapy or both are likely to loose their ability to produce live Sperms.
SScs are Sperm Stem Cells could be isolated with special markers and become suitable to be implanted in future to stimulate and multiply further Cells to produce viable sperms good for fertilizing eggs.
Ovarian preservation were successful and live birth were achieved by Implanting Ovarian Tissue on the Ovary following treatment by radiation and Chemotherapy in Cancer patients.
Scientist are now able from Dr Ahmed Ismail views to further the ability of isolating Stem Cells from both testicles and Ovaries using special markers and it is only a matter of time before we are able to treat premature menopause or early menopause and also patients with Azospemia or Sever Oligospermia( which are currently small number of cases are only we are able to treat and achieve live birth.
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