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Dr Ahmed Ismail BBC Interview 4th October 2014

1st Baby born after womb Transplant



Dr Ahmed Ismail Congratulates Swedish medical Success on the 1st baby in the world born following Uterus Transplant.

Dr Ahmed Ismail explains his personal history of Fallopian Tube Transplant in his PhD works back in the late seventies at Guys Hospital.

Dr Ahmed Ismail has also congratulated the scientists in the world for their continuous hard work in the field of medicine and the progress in our specialty which was exceptional in the past forty years and since the birth of the 1st test tube baby.

Dr Ahmed Ismail has expressed his hopes for future success for women’s who had their uterus removed surgically, and he expect that would be very difficult due to the changes of the anatomy and the surgical intervention with the blood vessels in the pelvic area.

Dr Ahmed Ismail has expressed his concerns regarding the cost involved in this kind of treatments which would be great help to women’s of similar conditions seeking the same treatments.

Dr Ahmed Ismail expressed his views also on the complication rates in particular these women will need immune suppressant which may have some effect on the baby.

Dr Ahmed Ismail also expressed his concern to the availability of the uterus as in this case she was a relative in her sixties,

Dr Ahmed Ismail also did not have enough time to express his major concern in cases of previously removed uterus in cancer patients related to female genital organs.

Dr Ahmed Ismail did not have a time to discuss the following:

Hope for future by Dr Ahmed Ismail

1. Organs development from stem cells.

2. Women with damaged Endometrium and the use of Endometrial transplant.

3. Dr Ahmed Ismail Gynaecologist and Fertility Expert:

The religious views in the uterine transplant, as a scientist I see no problem; especially the uterus will act as a container for the development of the foetus and transport of oxygen and nutrients needed for the development of foetal systems.

Infertility Treatment for women born with no uterus

First Womb Transplant baby born on 3rd October 2014 in Sweden

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