Dr Ahmed Ismail

Consultant Gynaecologist & Fertility Expert


Cervical Polyp

Cervical Polyp- Cervical polyp’s usually benign tumours either:

  1. Pedunculated Polyp
  2. Sessile Polyp

Majority of cervical polyps are diagnosed during routine examination, however patients may experience some symptoms of abnormal vaginal bleeding or post coital bleeding (bleeding after sex). Once cervical polyp is diagnosed we have a policy at Queensway Clinic to check smear and to carry out Hysteroscopy to exclude more intrauterine polyps as well as assessing the endometrial histology to exclude cancer or pre-cancer cells or tissues.

Cervical Polyps must be removed and sent for the laboratory and confirmation that it is benign must be obtained prior removal.

Removal of cervical polyp is a simple procedure in out patient’s setting and cautery of the base is essential. Follow up on yearly basis must be carried out at Queensway Clinic. For appointment and further enquiries please contact us @ 0207 935 6600, 96 Harley Street, London W1G 7HY or visit our web site www.queenswaygynaecologyclinic.co.uk

Cervical Polyp Cervical Polyp Cervical Polyp Cervical Polyp



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