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Cervical Smear Procedure

Smear Test is a Screening Test to detect Precancerous and Cancerous lesion in the Cervix(Transformation Zone)

Cervical Interaepithelial Neoplasia CIN or Cervical Dysplasia found in close like to Human Papilloma Virus (Sexual Transmitted Disease)

Women who had more than one partners or women who have partners but had more than one partners in the past must be aware of the possibility of HPV virus infection which is responsible of majority of Cancer Cervix.

Smear Test: There is No Age Limit


  1. Every woman should have Smear Test One year after 1st relationship and yearly thereafter.
  2. Post Coital Bleeding irrespective to how recently she had Smear Test.
  3. Post Menopausal Bleeding, irrespective to how recently she had Smear Test.
  4. Six weeks Post Natal, then yearly.
  5. Abnormal Smear result requires repeat for confirmation of abnormality.
  6. Smear obtained from unreliable sources for instance overseas source requires confirmation before any further management.
  7. Post Subtotal Hysterectomy, yearly.
  8. Once there is abnormal HPV virus, high risk strains such as type 11, 18 etc , Cervical Smear must be obtained for further cytological assessment.
  9. Post radiotherapy or Chemotherapy treatment of external or Internal Genital Organs Cancer.
  10. Post radical Vulvectomy for Cancer Vulva.
  11. Post Pelvic Clearance following Cancer Ovary, Uterus or Cervix, and depend what was left behind, if Cervix still there Cervical Smear should be obtained if not, Vault Smear should be obtained on Annual basis.
  12. Post menopausal women irrespective to their general health or past normal gynaecological history.

Procedure :

The best method of obtaining accurate result is by using Thin Prep, Pap DNA PCR Test, with Fluid Transport Media. There are some clinics which use the old methods of obtaining the sample on slide, this is usually stained by Papanicolaou, The method which we use at Queensway Clinic 96 Harley Street, is the most modern method in the world and it produces the most accurate result. There are some pictures below of what the Papanicolaou Test can detect, which already Thin Prep. PCR DNA Test with Fluid Transport Media Capable of detecting and much more.

Equipment: Disposable Gloves, Green Brush, Sterile preferable disposable Vaginal Speculum, Transport Media

Pictures below will show the equipments required.

Smear SmearSmearSmear
Smear SmearSmearSmear

Speculum inserted in the Vagina and the endocervical Green Brush Rotate inside the Cervix at the level of Transformation Zone.

Sample will be placed in the Transport Media Bottle and twisted around 20 times, in full rotation.

Sample will be labeled in hand writing with the following ID:

  1. First Name.
  2. Surname.
  3. DOB
  4. File/Registration Number.
  5. Date Sample Obtained.
  6. Last Normal Menstrual Period.


Endocervical adenocarcinoma on a pap test Candida organisms on a pap test Viral cytopathic effect consistent with herpes simplex virus on a pap test
Normal squamous epithelial cells in premenopausal women Atrophic squamous cells in postmenopausal women Normal endocervical cells should be present into the slide, as a proof of a good quality sampling
the cytoplasms of squamous epithelial cells melted out; many Döderlein bacilli can be seen Infestation by Trichomonas vaginalis

It has been Queensway Clinic Policy for many years to carry out annual women check up including smear test. We are not in favour of carring out smear test only on over 25 years old women or the test can be carried out once in three years. It has been reported several cases of death as a result of advanced cancer Cervix in women who were refused Cervical Test before certain age.

We call upon all women irrespective to there age provided they are over 18 to contact Queensway Clinic for smear test or HPV 20 to enable us to rule out precancerous and Cancerous Cells as well as Positive HPV Virus.

Triple Vaccine To Protect Women almost all age Against Cancer Cervix

Recent Report in Metro 29 April 2013:

Smear Test Age Problem.

It was sad to read about the young woman who died from cervical cancer after being turned down for a smear test when she was 24. The story states that Becky Ryder’s GP refused her a Smear test because she was too young for the national screening programme (which is for women over 25 in England- but it is offered from the age of 20 in Wales and Scotland)

This was a tragic case of a woman loosing her life at a very young age but it wasn’t the fault of the screening programme. If a patient sees their GP due to having symptoms such as bleeding that might suggest cervical (neck of womb) disease and she can have a smear and other investigations at any age.

The screening programme is only for asymptomatic patients. The reason it is offered to women over 25 in England is that studies show starting screening earlier cause’s anxiety, unnecessary investigation and treatment, which outweighs the health benefits.

Other Tragic Story was two years ago of Big Brother Star who died of Cervical Cancer after she was turned down at age of 24 when she requested Smear Test from her Doctor. Daily News 4th May 2013. Big Brother star Jade Goody is suffering from cervical cancer, it has been revealed.

The news was broken to the 27-year-old mother of two while she was appearing in the Indian version of Big Brother.

Read more: 'Big Brother' Star Jade Goody Diagnosed With Cervical Cancer | Medindia http://www.medindia.net/news/Big-Brother-Star-Jade-Goody-Diagnosed-With-Cervical-Cancer-40779-1.htm#ixzz2SL064B3x

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