Dr Ahmed Ismail

Consultant Gynaecologist & Fertility Expert

Success Stories

This patient undergoing IVF treatment and the appearance of both ovaries represents a progressive ovarian activities, which was monitored regularly while on medications by scan and Oestradiol level as well as endometrial thickness, egg collection was almost all were best grade oocyte.

This patient was in her late thirties and fourteen years trying for a baby.

She came to us after she failed five IVF/ICSI .

Appropriate pre IVF full investigations and preparation has led to our success on her 1st attempt with twin pregnancy at Blastocyst level.

As we are writing today 3rd June 2014, she is in her second trimester and the twins progressing well .

Proper support to the twins with appropriate medications prescribed and administered by Mr Ahmed Ismail, our leading Infertility expert.

She is remaining under our care yet she is from overseas due to the sensitivity of the case and the duration of trying for a baby.

We will finalize the above in our success story around mid December 2014, when the twins will be delivered by Caesarian Section

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