Dr Ahmed Ismail

Consultant Gynaecologist & Fertility Expert


Gynaecology (British) or gynecology (North American) literally means 'the science of women', but in medicine this is the specialty of diseases of the female reproductive system (Vulva, Vagina, Cervix, Uterus, Fallopian Tubes, and Ovaries).

  • Gynaecologist: Is a doctor treating female genital organ. Usually gynaecologist can treat women with medications, procaesthesis such as Intrauterine Coil Insertion in family planning or surgical intervention in case of operations required either under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.
  • Gynaecology

    These days majority of surgeries are carried out with a minimal invasive surgery which means operative Laparoscopy.
    Varieties of subspecialities has been introduced in recent years as the science of gynaecology has been expanding rapidly, there is a gynaecologist with wide range of ability to practice most gynaecological disorders, others cannot due to the fact they are only working on specific area of the female subspecialty, examples are many such as Gynae Oncologist, Gynae Urology, Family planning, Colposcopist, Out patient Hystroscopist, Gynae Endocrynologist and many more examples but when we come to Infertility subspecialty which will be discussed later we can identify doctors practicing IVF only most of these doctors do not have any time to carry out routine gynaecological practice.
    Gynaecological emergencies emerging another subspecialty within the casualty departments which I wish myself to be able to introduce that specialty with the large hospital casualty department as most of the patient suffers long delay of being attended to yet they may be a case of serious gynaecological problem such as ectopic pregnancy, Torsion of Ovarian Cyst, severe abnormal uterine bleeding, miscarriages, etc.
    Coming to another area of gynaecological subspeciality(Sexual Health) & (Sexual Transmitted Diseases) ,  Gynaecologist who treat general gynaecologist must be fully trained in these areas as patient often comes with genital symptoms such as Vaginal irritation, abnormal vaginal discharges, Vaginal smelly discharges, vaginal soreness and Vaginal pain, vaginismus, dyspaeunia(Painful Intercourse), genital warts and many more all for which partner must be examined and treated at the same time.
    Conclusion: Gynaecology and Gynaecologist are progressing as long as human exists but the time will come to the science to rely on massive on sight equipments to enable clinician to carry out his diagnosis as accurate as possible with the least human error, in addition progress in Pharmacology will enable the new medications to be more effective with the least side effects.

    Future science of Human Immunology may hold a Key for future progress in management of large numbers of gynaecological problems.


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