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Hymen Repair

Hymen Restoration

Hymen Reconstruction

Hymen is repaired when a female loses her Virginity either with full penetration or partial penetration of a male private part (Penis) causing breakdown of the Hymen.

What is a Hymen?

A thin membrane very delicate, consistent of elastic and fibrous tissue.

Position of Hymen:

Hymen located at the entrance of the vagina, called introits, it covers partially the vaginal orifice to allow menstrual blood flow.

Shape of the Hymen:

Circular Hymen

Usually lunar, however there is some abnormal Hymen in a shape of circular, fenestrated, totally obliterating.

Hymen Vasculature:

Hymen is very vascular in younger women and become less vascular as the woman gets older.

Function of Hymen:

It has been known across the globe whether woman from east, west, far east or any part of the world that if woman had no blood at her 1st night of sexual relationship whether marriage or not marriage it means that the women had sexual relationship in the past whether the girl admit or not .

Some cultures will question no blood to the point marriage could become questionable, other cultures men do not ask and if he ask he would not expect an answer.

In extreme cases of no blood families they may get involved and all sort of accusation to the point of harming the girl.

When No Blood Showen at Wedding Night:

  1. If the Girl had previous sexual relationship whether complete or incomplete penetration.
  2. If the girl was involved on horse riding or excessive exercise, gymnastics, cycling, and bally dancing.etc.
  3. If there was congenital Hymen anomaly and would not permit Hymen to be broken or absence of Hymen.
  4. Accidents such as direct trauma to vulvo vaginal region,
  5. Rapes and the girl were scared to report the case and ashamed to discuss with her family.
  6. Child abuse and was totally unnoticed from so called respectable and trusted member of the family.
  7. Inserting Tampons and for ignorance reason the girl was under impression she was going to be OK and Hymen will not be broken.
  8. Girls who practice anal sex to avoid breaking the Hymen, sometime while she is involved in sexual act, partial penetration or stretching of the Hymen will take place particularly following frequent anal sex, and accidental contact with vulvo vaginal region during foreplay.

Rupture of the Hymen:

Hymen breaks up usually following 1st Vaginal intercourse, however many girls these days may have the hymen broken or even dilated prior to their 1st Vaginal Intercourse.

Shape of Broken Hymen:

Broken Hymen

Broken Hymen will show stellate shape intriots as seen in the picture, girls can inspect themselves, we have many girls comes only to check themselves whether their Hymen is broken or not.

The word Virgin means girl never had sexual relationship or intimate contact with a man, that apply to a man never had sexual contact with a girl.

Broken Hymen does not mean that the girl has lost her virginity.

Virginity Restoration:

Dr Ahmed Ismail statment to exclude surgeon from any moral issue.

"No girl can have Virginity restored but she can have her Hymen reconstructed and repaired, but once a girl lost her Virginity will never be able to restore her Virginity ie return the clock back and claim at least to herself that she never had any sexual contact,. Being a Virgin it is not about whether a woman’s Hymen is intact or broken."

Restoration of Hymen:

It is a delicate procedure requires good skills and understanding to the anatomy of the female genital organs.

The aim of the operation must be understood to the surgeon that the girl need to see some blood on the bed sheet, very little but enough to stain the bed sheet at the same time not to cause her sever pain and heavy bleeding to the point it subject her to a sexual trauma and a hospital admission and at that point it will be declared that she had hymen surgery to reconstruct her hymen, that will be devastating news to the family and husband.

The Girl must be careful to select a proper gynaecologist who is willing to carry out the procedure and he has proper skills to carry out this procedure.

Pre Operative:

Patient must be excluded from any vaginal infection.

Hymen Repair operation:

Should be carried out under general anaesthetic , but some women can tolerate local anaesthetic and surgeon must be happy to proceed with the full knowledge to the timing of wedding night.

Operation; preferable to be done with the guidance of operative microscope or loop magnifier.

Sutures should be 4/0 dissolvable material.

For further information’s and advice please contact

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