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Dr Ahmed Ismail BBC Interview 27th December 2015

21september 27 December 2015
Sexual Transmitted Disease
News following the media scare from chief medical officer Sally Davies of Great Britain warning the casual treatment of Gonorrhoea leading to untreatable Gonorrhoea....read more...

Dr Ahmed Ismail BBC Interview 24th December 2015

21september 24 December 2015
Fertility in Cancer Patient
Testicular Biopsy Freezing To preserve Fertility
Testicular Biopsy stored for future use to save Fertility
Patient undergoing Cancer treatment by Radiation and or Chemotherapy or both are likely to loose their ability to produce live Sperms...read more...

Information for healthcare professionals on Ebola and pregnancy 

21september 20 October 2014

Dear Mr Ismail

Several of you have approached me over the last week with concerns about the care of pregnant women should they be infected with Ebola ...read more...


Dr Ahmed Ismail BBC Interview 4th October 2014

1st Baby born after womb Transplant

21september 6 October 2014

Dr Ahmed Ismail is a Consultant Gynaecologist and Infertility Expert in London 
Dr Ahmed Ismail Congratulates Swedish medical Success on the 1st  baby in the world born following Uterus Transplant.
Dr Ahmed Ismail explains his personal history of Fallopian Tube Transplant in his PhD works back in the late seventies at Guys Hospital...read more...


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BBC Interview BBC Interview BBC Interview BBC Interview
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Al-Magharibia Interview Al-Magharibia Interview Al-Magharibia Interview


Ovarian Hyperstimulation

21september 26 Nov 2012

We received today from British Fertility Society of The methods of controlling Ovarian Hyper stimulations in Ovarian stimulation during IVF or induced ovulation fertility treatment, Ou Practice at Queensway Clinic has shown a 0% hyper stimulation for all the patients treated by us in UK and Egypt...read more...

Latest News on Contraceptive Pills , From France

21september 26 Jan 2013

French health authorities will ask the European Union to restrict the use of newer types of contraceptive pills over concerns they might carry health risks...read more...

Metro Newspaper - End to Miscarriage misery was in my medicine cabinet

21september 03 Jan 2013

Interesting and Happy story was announced in Metro Newspaper on 3rd of January, 2013. The Newspaper or the Media got it wrong and we as a leading clinic in the Women’s healthcare profession must make correction to our patients...read the story…

ITV Interview - British woman soldier had delivered a baby without realising that she was pregnant

21september 21 Sep 2012

          • Shocking news on the 21st of September for a woman soldier British had delivered a baby without realising that she was pregnant, yet she left the UK only 5,5 months ago i.e. she was 10weeks pregnant as she had her baby 34 weeks...read more...


Could a simple blood test tell you how long you are going to live?

Mr. Ismail wished for the past 20 years that scientist would work to prolong the ovarian tissue lifespan to enable women’s to have babies at older age.
Not every women morally, religiously, socially accepting egg donation when they ovary is not functioning.
What a prospers news coming from The Independent Newspaper on 20th of November 2012 with the following information. The Independent Newspaper says:..read more...

Daily Mail - The hot balloon that ends misery of heavy periods

A new 'hot balloon' treatment for heavy periods can be highly effective, a new study has found. The procedure - an alternative to the more radical treatment of hysterectomy - has a success rate of up to 90 per cent...read more... 


  • Sunday Mirror - The 10 pregnancy questions you’re too afraid to ask

  • Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also plagued with questions you feel too embarrassed or guilty to ask. So we’ve asked the experts for you… 1) Should I neaten up my pubic hair before I have people examining me down there. Having a stranger investigate your bits is never a fun five minutes, but don’t worry that a hairy barnet-below will bother the person examining you. Mr Ahmed Ismail, director of Queensway Gynaecology Clinic, London, says, ‘As a doctor, I’ve seen it all and nothing I observe will affect the treatment given to a patient...read more...


Queensway Gynaecology Policy No Change.
Public Health
Risk Assessments of the Ebola Outbreak In West Africa Update 31 July 2014
 Summary: There is no change in the overall risk assessment for England,  ...read more...
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