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  • ITV Interview - 21st September 2012
  • • Shocking news on the 21st of September for a woman soldier British had delivered a baby without realising that she
  • was pregnant, yet she left the UK only 5,5 months ago i.e. she was 10weeks pregnant as she had her baby 34 weeks.
  • • This news which has erupted has attracted massive concern partially happiness and partially sorrow.
  • • Incidence of women unrealising pregnancy until she delivered is very rare, in Wales there is a study of the period 11years revealed the incidence is 1:2500, that is an incidence in the UK but even in the UK it is variable between different racial minorities with different cultures for one reason or another which self explanatory some of them are genuine and some of them are not.
  • • It is surprising that in these modern days in this country with a such high level of women health care to see such situation for the following reasons.

Pregnancy associated with a certain symptoms:

1) No periods or if she bleed during pregnancy usually its irregular

2) Breast enlargement and tenderness

3) Skin change around the areola

4) Increase body weight and the counter of her abdomen

5) Feeling sometimes weak sleepy, sometimes morning sickness in early pregnancy some aches and pain in a lower back, vaginal discharge, changed colouring of a strea, gravidarum which shows some stretch marks on the abdomen.

All these symptoms various from one women to another but for this symptoms not to be all together scientifically it doesn’t sound. Therefore:

1)Either a women has some symptoms which are ignored due the lack of knowledge, extremely stress due to the nature of their jobs, such as a woman in front line military based in a ware zone as it is this case

2)Or the women did have the symptoms, fully aware of them but she could not believe that she was pregnant and she think that these symptoms will go away

• Situation which is applicable on the second part above:

1)if she is using long term hormonal contraceptive method such as hormonal implants or hormonal coils or and copper

2) if she is in a casual relationships and she had only one night stand

3) if she is a virgin and she had a body contact but with no penetration

4) if she is in her late 40 or early 50 entering menopause

5) if she is grieving of her loved one (death of husband or child or parents)

6) in woman with psychiatric disorder, young female from background shaming a girl unmarried in relationship then after that woman having regular relationships with coitus interrupts, then after that in terms of another story women who are very ill or grossly overweight or very musculine with the strong abdominal muscels

• Women who are extremely ill and stressed from her primary illness which the concentration mainly on primary illness women who has been told by the medical profession that they will not be able to get pregnant and they were trying for a long period of time.

• Very young girls who her understanding and the knowledge of getting pregnant is beyond her age and it was totally unexpected by her family

• The factors which can help to conceal pregnancy:

1) Intrauterine growth retarted baby

2) Baby born prematurely

3) Sever oligo amniotic fluid

4) Women taking drugs and they are doped most of the times

5) Women who has disabilities making her posture visibly unnoticed by other and interm she also did not notice change.

All the above is a very rare occurrence but then we turned to the third world nations Middle East, Africa we would expect the above result to be much higher than the Wales studies. In the view of all the above we can see that some cases will be shocked with happiness and other will be shocked with sadness.

• Also would like to make it very clear that we are at Queensway Clinic team willing to donate our service to all women in service going to a war area to be examined gynaecologicaly and to be checked for pregnancy and any other gynaecological disorders which can put her into symptomatic risk or life threatening risk

• A policy must be established by examining the women fully gynaecologicaly and breast examination to exclude the following: genital warts, any genital swelling, any unusual discharge, cytology investigations of the cenis, pelvic scan to exclude intra uterine pregnancy as well as exclude any overean swelling or pelvic mass. In addition to the we should carry out sexual health screen to exclude any sexual transmitting diseases

• For the Ministry of Defence ( MOD ) to pass fitness of the women they must realise that over 60 % of women illness are gynaecological therefore no fitness could be passed without insuring that she is fit gynaecologicaly

• I think we have to give a clear message that pregnancy is possible so that the women in her reproductive age and have any sexual contact where it is from outside or with deep penetration. The risk of mother and baby perinatal mortality and morbidity as well as maternal mortality and morbidity will be increased remarkably in these cases due to the lack of antenatal care and a proper monitors and the various investigations which are essential during pregnancy in addition to the medications required to be given to all pregnant women.

• From the above there is a call to improve women health care worldwide as a priority as we know healthy women produce a healthy children, produce a healthy generation which constitute over three quarter of society

• No society without a successful women health care.

Yours Faithfully,

Ahmed Ismail MD, FRCOG

Consultant Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

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