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Milky Discharge or Galactorrhea

Definition. Galactorrhea is an abnormal discharge from the nipple of a milky nature in a woman who is not pregnant or recently had a baby, or recently had an abortion.

Physiological Galactorrhea is not uncommon but sinister lesion must be excluded before any treatment or medications prescribed.

It is an abnormal finding and women should be fully aware and knowledgeable that milky discharge must be investigated thoroughly due to the fact that if there is a tumour called pituitary adenoma and that Tumour can press on optic chiasma or the nerve supplying the eye and that can lead to blindness.

The above is the worst scenario in the case of Milky Nipple Discharge called Galactorrhea. Once a woman noticed milky discharge she must be seen for a blood test called plasma prolactin to assess the level and if elevated we have to proceed to pituitary scan to exclude pituitary adenoma.

Pituitary Adenoma is not common but must be excluded in all cases of Hyperprolactinaemia or elevated plasma prolactin.

Investigations should be carried out through a blood test

Prolactin Hormone is naturally preparing breast for breast feeding, but if it is produced in excess without the nature of pregnancy or lactation related matter then it is abnormal and must be investigated for exclusion of pituitary tumor. If pituitary tumor is diagnosed then the patient must be seen by neurosurgeon urgently and a matter of priority to allow the neurosurgeon to treat and reduce the size of pituitary gland or destroy the tumor from the pituitary gland.

I hope this information is quite useful and for further information please visit or make an appointment to see a consultant where further assessment of any abnormal discharge could be undertaken.

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