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Oral sex Cause Cancer in Men and Women

Dr Ahmed Ismail Gynaecologist speaks from Cancer Prevention Clinic at Queensway Clinic

Oral Sex Cause Throat Cancer

Oral sex Cause Cancer

All women sexually active with Oral Sex must be aware that unless she has a HPV 20 Test which is Thin Prep DNA Test to Vagina and Cervix.

The Test has been one of the most important Test of Queensway Clinic and Dr Ahmed Ismail and his Colleagues Gynaecologists with Special interest in Cancer prevention.

Queensway Clinic Policy is to advise all our patients to have HPV virus tests and if the high risk virus was to be found a regular check of the virus and cervical smear has to be checked regularly every three months to diagnose and treat early cells changes which may lead to Cancer Cervix, the success of such treatment almost 100% for Deadly Cancer Cervix of vicious nature not to appear.

The advise her given strictly to avoid oral sex and for partner to come forward for HPV testing both genital and oral, this has been adopted since the breaking news of stage four Cancer Throat orf World Famous and Double Oscar Winner Michael Douglas husband of Kathrin Zeta John World famous Actress and mother of his youngest children.

Queensway Clinic Policy for all the Girls with negative HPV virus or Virgins to have a Triple Dose Virus to reduce Cancer risk in the Cervix 70-80% and on throat Cancer 25-30%.

Queensway Clinic also adopting the Policy of starting the Virus Vaccine to both men and women premarital or early marriage provided that they are HPV virus free or they are both Virgin at the time of wedding if proven?.

HPV Virus Vaccine for Cancer prevention is at the moment one of few methods of Deadly Cancer Prevention So Advise from Queensway Clinic and Dr Ahmed Ismail

Hurry and prevent a cancer to yourself and your lover.

If you are a woman and had multiple partners or a man who had a multiple partners you are at a very high risk of developing Cancer Cervix and Throat Cancer.

Now abstract from today Media and others from fact sheets:

Those most vulnerable to HPV and cervical cancer are women living in low socioeconomic areas. Cervical cancer rates remain highest for women without health insurance. Unable to afford gynecological exams, these women go without Pap tests, which screen to catch precancerous cells. As reported by a CDC news release, poor and minority teens that begin the three-dose HPV immunization process have lower rates of completing all three doses.

HPV and the cancers it causes are clearly a public health issue that must be addressed in South Carolina, for girls and also for boys. I commend Rep. Sellers for re-introducing legislation that a governor who puts small government politics over the health of South Carolinians vetoed last year. In continuing the fight for evidence-based solutions to this public health crisis, Rep. Sellers shows that he is concerned for the health of this state’s citizens and will not be intimidated by a governor who does not have the best interests of the people.

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