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Rebecca Bennett - Physiotherapist

Rebecca Bennett Physiotherapist Rebecca Bennett, BSc (MCSP) PG-Cert


Rebecca Bennett is a women's health physiotherapy specialist and is passionate about providing caring, tailor-made, quality physiotherapy services. Her three main areas at Harley Street include

Ante and Postnatal Pilates

During your pregnancy having regular guided exercise can help keep your pregnant body in good shape strengthening you back, stomach muscles and legs reducing your risk of back and pelvic pain during your pregnancy. After you have given birth Pilates is excellent for helping your stomach muscles and pelvic floor recover and help prevent back and pelvic pain by encouraging better posture and core abdominal activation.

Antenatal Classes

These are provided in a block of three sessions. One in early pregnancy will inform you how your body will change during your pregnancy and how you can safely exercise. Later in pregnancy the second class discusses preparation for birth and the labour itself including physiotherapy recommended labour positions and breathing techniques. The final session is on postnatal recovery.

Obstetric Physiotherapy

Rebecca also provides general obstetric physiotherapy for pelvic and back pain and also gynaecological physiotherapy for a variety of conditions that can be helped through muscular re-education of the pelvic floor muscles such as stress incontinence, post-perineal tear repair and some types of prolapse associated with pregnancy.

Gynaecological Physiotherapy

Rebecca provides pelvic floor education, muscle re-training, advance manual therapy and education for a range of pelvic floor dysfunctions including stress incontinence, urgency and urge incontinence, prolapse, wind and faecal incontinence and general pelvic floor strengthening – especially useful pre and post surgery...read more...

Postnatal Exercise

Early postnatal exercise has many positive effects on our bodies including: increasing confidence, toning weakened muscles like abdominals and pelvic floor, giving you more energy and releasing feel-good hormones. For a lot of new mums, after looking after baby and getting some sleep, returning to exercise is often high on the agenda, but when is it safe to re-start exercise? How often should you be exercising?..read more...

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