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Please read what our patients say about us.

A G, English - see pictures



K B, Belarus

Dear Professor I can't express my happiness after 6 years trying for baby only your right treatment come successful plan make my family happy and successful.



I L, German

In general I am very satisfied with all service provided, hope to get pregnant soon. Dr Ismail is a very competent and no complaints at all. Thank you



N B, British

Dr Ismail is the best gynae you could go to. Always so caring and knows everthing.



S M, British

I have never seen a doctor like Dr Ahmed and his staff, very understanding and Great Excelent Doctor.



F J, Nigerian

Friendly environment. The doctor is warm and friendly as well as the nurse.



L K, Model Slovakia - see pictures

I have been given DIANETTE(contraceptive pill) 8 months ago and I am more than happy with it. No gaining weight - I think I even lost 2 kgs. My skin cleared up in 1 month. No changing moods, no stress or depression, feeling full of energy. Everything I ever read on web was false. Thanks to doctor Ismail for taking a very professional risk - especially because of my profession.



Z A, Kazakh

I loved everthing about your clinic. Massive thank you Dr Ismail!!! God bless you!

Z A, Kazakh


E S, Australian

Excellent care, very clear and easy to understand. Thank you!

E S, Australian


T M, Lithuanian

Doctor is a fantastic man!

T M, Lithuanian


Alexandrina, International Model

Thank you Dr Ismail!

Alexandrina xx


S B, French

Excellent service and very helpful team.

Keep up the good work.

S B, French


L & R - British

Thank you for all of your help, support & advice. We are truely blessed to have such beautiful angels thanks to Queensway Clinic

Hope to see you soon!

Love from L & R British


L K, Model Slovakia - see pictures

To the best clinic in the world and the best doctor in the universe

Always super satisfied with all the personal and quality of the treatment. Will be back soon :)

L K, Model Slovakia


A U, kyrgyzstan

I'm absolutely happy with service. There is nothing need to improve.

A U, kyrgyzstan


E Q, British

Mr Ismail's knowledge and experties is merely overwhelming. It is purely his experience, professionalism and approach that make him irreplaceable.

E Q, British


E V, Lithuanian

I was very satisfied with the service. I got all the necessary information about my medical state.

E V, Lithuanian


S S, Egyptian

Everything is excellent and well done.

S S, Egyptian


J F, South African

Doctor has been very nice and understanding and very clear. Felt totally comfortable at all times.

J F, South African


N B, British

Very impressed with the doctor and nurses. Make me feel very welcome and explained everything very well...

N B, British


I S, Russian

Everything was perfect!
Very polite staff!
Very good and pleasant experience!

Thank you All!

I S, Russian


Christie & Shane Richi (East Ender British Star) - see pictures

To Darling Ishi

Have a wonderful Christmas

I hope Santa bring everything you want and more!

With all our love as always,

Christie, Shane, Mackendzie, Lalita-Belle& Romanie –Skye.


Katja, Spyros, Fleana Greece

We thank you from the bottom of our Hearts

For the most beautiful, Wonderful & Precious

Gift you gave us for the Christmas, our beautiful little princess ELEANA!!!!

Thank you, you are such a wonderful person who bring so much happiness

To people! To us! Thank you

With love

Katja, Spyros, Fleana Greece


Patient : Miss Liana Sheldrick Great Britain

Baby: Miss Eliana-Faith Rosenfeld - see pictures

Thank You So Much

Dear Dr.Ismail,

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all your care during my pregnancy and for the fantastic delivery of my baby girl..

I truly believe it was by God’s Will that I found you because I do not think I could of gone through my pregnancy and labor without your care.

You are an amazing man and have delivered a Service beyond my expectations.

You have been there for me from the beginning, 24hrs a day.

God has blessed you to be able to care for women like me.

You are an angel in this world. You not only provide professional, outstanding care, but you have also been like a father figure to me.

You have shown great empathy, support, understanding, love, awareness, kindness, sympathy generosity with your knowledge and thoughtfulness.

You are my most favourite person!!

I trust you and can rely on you to look after me.

I would highly recommend you to other women and I am happy for you to give my contact details it any of your patients want an honest feedback of your service and care.

Everything you taught me and advised me was proven to be correct, even my labour!

I’m so glad I listened to you.

I had the best experience of giving birth-no pain, no trauma!!!

Thank you so very much!!

All my love, Liana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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