Dr Ahmed Ismail

Consultant Gynaecologist & Fertility Expert


Please read what our patients say about us.

A V, French/Chilean

I am very very happy with the clinic service and high care and attention I have been given. I feel really safe to be treated here.

A V, French/Chilean

S M, British

Over the years I have given many blood samples. The Queensway Clinic nurses have been the most efficient at taking these samples. They provide a quick and painfree service - always with a smile!!!

S M, British

K F, Saudi Arabian

The consultation was very pleasant. I understood everything that was being done and all my questions were answered. Thank you!

K F, Saudi Arabian

O T, Ukrainian

I think the clinic is in a very good condition with high standards of care. The doctor and staff look very professional.

O T, Ukrainian

K K, Uzbekistan

I'm very happy thanks for all personal and thank a lot to doctor.

K K, Uzbekistan

 Liudmila B, Russia

Dear Doctor Ahmed,

Thank you very much for yours "gold hands" and I have had the great pleasure to be your patient.

All the best wishes,



Hala Sarhan, Egypt(one of the most famous journalist and broadcaster in Middle East similar to oprah winfrey)

Dear Dr. Ismail,

you are our Genius Brilliant Wiz Doctor. I am always your most faithful loyal patient because you are my best friend & best Doctor ever. I love you and wish you all the best. (Do you remember what I said in the operation just before I went to sleep!!)

Hala Sarhan :)


M, P, V, Brazil(World famous plastic surgen)

Dr. Ismail, excellence in medicine, master to our beloved friend our heart!

Nos temos o maior orgulho de te lo como amigo, e em uoce temos o espelho da force, brialliant, smo mo trobolho e ma mamire ole, olizer coisos que sabemus she a loz olo sen interna.

Love forever,

M, P, V


Habib Kagimu, Uganda(Ex-vice president of Uganda)

To Dr. Ahmed Ismail,

To all Doctors Technicians and Nurses of Hawwa International Hospital, I have had the honour of visiting this great human achievement in Cairo, Egypt. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful work you carry out here every hour of the day and night. This is your contribution to our medical and health liberation from the Control of the so called "advanced" countries. May almighty Allah continue to guide you and bless you so that you take this human service to every corner of the African Continent. I pledge to support you in every possible way to achieve all your nobile goals.

God bless you all!

Habib Kagimu


EJ, London
Fantastic! A real comfort to me - such a wonderful outcome.


IA, Saudi Arabia
I just want to say that thank you so much to all the staff in the clinic and special thanks to Dr Ismail for make all the big problem in our life very small and help us to solve these problems. This clinic has very good staff under Dr Ismail's supervision.


EQ, Romania
The king of medicine! Not to be compared to any Doctor / Consultant anywhere in the world! If attempts are made to compare no equivalent will ever to found!

AM, Brazil
The most trustworthy, professional and friendly doctor I have ever seen. It is like visiting family.


AX, Albania
I am very happy and pleased to be one of Dr Ismail's patients. Thank you!


GI, Turkey
I am very pleased with the service I have received. The doctor made me feel very comfortable. Thank you very much for your help.


Every one was very helpful. Mr Ismail knows his job. Excellent!

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