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I have a wide vagina after having my baby, and I am not enjoying my sex life.

Vaginal childbirth can cause some changes in the normal anatomy of the vagina, particularly in the following cases:

  • If you had your first baby born without episiotomy.
  • If you had tear of vagina and/or Perineal muscles or both and it was not repaired properly.
  • If there was no pelvic floor exercise during pregnancy or after delivery.
  • if you had more than 3 vaginal deliveries.

Women who have had many babies born vaginally may have a wide vagina, so some people may find it difficult to enjoy a good sex life. Regular pelvic floor exercise (PFE) can help to some extent to restore the vaginal tone.

It is quite important if you have along with wide vagina leak during cough or sneeze from your bladder. This would require you to see a gynaecological surgeon with special expertise in Perineal surgery. We at Queensway Gynaecology Clinic access with a simple examination whether a surgery will be required or not. However, we advise, it PFE does not help, to consult a gynaecological surgeon.

We pride ourselves at Queensway Gynaecology Clinic that cases of wide vagina following normal vaginal delivery or instrumental delivery or definitely C-section will not have a wide vagina which make them lose an important part of their family life by losing enjoyment of their sex life.

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